Founded in 1989, AES is a leading full-service provider of integrated conveyance systems specializing in scrap, trim, and dust that designs, builds, and maintains economical solutions for more efficient byproduct handling. As a single source for conveyance needs, AES engineers custom scrap systems and works as a partner in process improvement to help businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity, and sustainability in their manufacturing operations.

A Single Source for Conveyance Needs

At AES, we design, build, and maintain integrated air conveyance systems to be the single source for all of your scrap, recycling, and dust control needs. With many systems and suppliers to manage throughout your facility, we make sure AES is the only manufacturer and provider you need to call to service any equipment related to your scrap conveyance system. Experienced in mechanical design, electrical engineering, machine rebuilding, and several other industry disciplines, our in-house team is a go-to resource for expert support throughout the entire lifecycle of your system. From concept to installation and field service, trust AES to provide durable, high-quality components, integrate them into a custom solution, and oversee their seamless long-term operation.

Custom-Engineered Scrap Systems

The design approach we take at AES is to start out with a clear understanding of the way you work and the challenges you encounter to engineer a custom solution for your facility. We know what it takes to move scrap from manufacturing to collection in a way that increases efficiency throughout all of your manufacturing operations. Our team of experts select the right equipment for your unique material handling situation, considering type, grade, and volume, and stand by everything we install to ensure the long-term success of your scrap management program. With a fully integrated system from AES, your company can stay compliant, productive, and profitable.

A Partner in Process Improvement

AES knows that how you handle the byproducts from your manufacturing impacts what your bottom line looks like. That’s why we act as a hands-on partner in continuous process improvement for your scrap management and recycling programs, offering everything from equipment training for your in-house staff to reliable around-the-clock maintenance. Our service technicians and strategic advisors understand the inner workings of dust control and fire safety, regulatory compliance, and other key factors that your processes affect and provide expert assessments, ongoing advice, and dependable service to address modern safety, efficiency, and compliance challenges. Count on AES to help your scrap conveyance system run smoothly so your business can sustain traction.

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