Motor Control Centers

AES offers custom Motor Control Centers (MCCs) for the automation of materials recovery systems. We use the latest technology to direct and monitor the material recovery process and to interface with upstream and downstream control systems as part of a fully integrated manufacturing control process.

SMART Controls

Our exclusive SMART Controls, or System Monitoring and Reporting Technology, utilize special programming to continuously monitor, display, and report energy usage throughout the day, helping you achieve a more consistent rate of usage. The SMART System makes effective use of variable STET frequency drives (VFDs) to minimize peak demand utility charges, which may qualify the user for utility rebates and incentives. Our custom, turnkey electrical controls can help you get the most from your material recovery system.

  • SMART Control Systems
  • Electrical Control System Design
  • Power Distribution
  • PLC Programming
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Remote Communications
  • Fire & Explosion Protection Systems
  • Monitoring & Alarm
  • UL & CSA Approvals