Dust Collection

Combustible dusts are one of the biggest safety risks for companies that manufacture or convert paper and handle grains, powders, and many other materials. Static electricity, friction, and sparks in the production environment are all potential ignition sources for dust and can result in deadly explosions and fire. That is why industrial dust collection systems like those offered by AES are a smart investment for companies whose operations expose them to this type of danger.

The NFPA Standard on Explosive Protection by Deflagration Venting (NFPA 68) requires companies that produce combustible dusts to have explosion control equipment associated with their dust collection system and an inspection and remediation plan in place to mitigate the hazard of a dust explosion and fire. OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) enforces the standard, handing out stiff fines for violations. In short, dust in your facility is nothing to sneeze at.

AES’s complete line of industrial dust collection and fire and explosion protection products and services helps our customers achieve their safety and compliance initiatives and respond to changing regulations, industry standards, and enforcement actions. Let us recommend the proper type, size, and style of filter to collect and contain dust so you can bring your facility in compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards and reduce your risk from dust safety hazards.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Our robust baghouses meet industrial dust control standards for generators and processors of a wide variety of recyclable materials. Baghouse dust collectors contain large fans that pull in dusty air, collect the dust, and filter out cleaned air. Baghouse industrial dust collectors minimize maintenance expenses and energy consumption while improving the quality of their manufacturing environment. AES provides the leading solution for industrial dust collection to improve the safety and performance of your operations.

Industrial HEPA Filters

Key to the health of the plant and its workers are industrial HEPA air filters that trap harmful pollutants and dust particles by filtering dusty air through a fine mesh. Industrial HEPA filters manage high levels of production dust control and offer longer lifespans than other filters, improving the ease of processes and lowering long-term maintenance requirements and costs. AES can provide industrial-grade HEPA filters to augment or upgrade your company’s industrial dust collection systems.

Enclosureless Industrial
Dust Control Systems

Because enclosureless industrial dust collectors are built in open cabinets, they do not require spark detection, extinguishing devices, an explosion vent, or a blow back damper. Clean air is redistributed through the open sides of the collector as dust and larger pollutants accumulate in a bin. Industrial dust control systems without enclosures are ideal for smaller operations seeking a cost-effective solution for dust control. Allow AES to help your company meet industrial dust control standards and stringent safety measures with an economic and robust dust collector.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors are compact industrial dust control systems that manage small to moderate dust loads and enable streamlined maintenance and changeouts. Engineered for fine dust particulates, cartridge filters for dust collectors help maintain higher levels of quality and efficiency in production environments. With products and expertise from AES, you can streamline industrial dust collection and overcome productivity challenges where efficient dust control is essential.

Custom Industrial Dust
Collectors Enclosures

We deliver industrial dust collection systems that meet any manufacturing plant’s unique layout and operational flow. Our skilled engineers customize industrial dust collectors and enclosures based on the specialized needs and hazards of existing or custom industrial dust control systems. Work with AES to you offer plant workers a cleaner and more productive manufacturing space that meets critical standards set by OSHA and NFPA.

Industrial Dust Control
Testing Consulting

AES regularly conducts dust testing and analyses that become the basis for the development of a written risk assessment plan as required by NFPA. We help our customers identify risks and potential equipment issues and work with them to formulate a plan to bring their systems and processes in full compliance with current standards. Achieve your production and safety goals and mitigate risks to personnel and property with our expert dust control testing and consulting services.