Recycling &
Sorting Equipment

AES designs fully integrated recycling and sorting systems that automate the separation and processing of recyclable materials for increased revenue and operational efficiency. We’re proud to offer truly innovative ideas and solutions that can give your company a competitive edge in your marketplace.

Expert system design is at the heart of every AES recycling system. Our experienced design team integrates high-quality components into an engineered system that works together with your processes to achieve the desired results. AES field installation crews ensure that the system is installed in a safe and efficient manner, and our skilled project management and commissioning team ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Purpose-Built Recycling & Sorting Systems

AES provides purpose-built systems for recycling and sorting for companies in industries such as hauling and recycling, printing and paper converting, flexible packaging, non-wovens and airlaids, secure shredding and product destruction, higher education, agriculture, and biotechnology.

  • Single & Dual Stream Materials
    Recovery Facilities
  • Trim Collection & Baling Systems
  • Air/Material Separation &
    Sorting Systems
  • Shredding & Size Reduction Systems
  • Separation Systems for Paper, Plastics & Metals
  • Bag Capture Systems
  • E-Waste Processing Systems
  • AirShark™ Rotary Material Separators
  • Glass Crushing & Glass Cleanup Systems
  • Beverage Container Recycling Lines
  • Pneumatic Separation Systems
  • Optical Sorting Systems
  • Screen Separators
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Vibratory Feeders & Separators
Custom Recycling & Sorting Equipment System Layout by AES