Versatile rotary material separator.

The AES AirShark™ rotary material separator offers a high air handling capacity in a compact footprint, and is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. An alternative to traditional screen separators and bulky cyclones, the AirShark™ is a simple and effective way to separate material waste and manufacturing byproducts from the airstream from paper to plastic, and more.
The separator resolves negative pressure conditions in the plant, and can eliminate the need for expensive dust collectors, delivering real value to your organization year over year. The AirShark™️ comes in several sizes and capacities and is the only separator of its kind made in the USA.

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Uses & Applications

Corrugated Box/Folding Carton: Scrap Removal Systems

Commercial Printing and Packaging: Paper Trim & Die-Cutter Scrap

Nonwovens: Light Fraction & Films

Material Recycling Facility (MRF): Plastic Bag Capture, Light Fractions & Film

Manufacturing: Ingredient Bag Capture & Packaging Waste

Features & Benefits

  • Installs Above or Below the Roof
  • Low Profile Design for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • No Adjusting Required for Different Material Types
  • Operates Under Positive or Negative Pressure
  • High Air Handling Capacity, Up to 64,000 CFM
  • Low Power Consumption for Energy Savings