Air Material Separators
& Industrial Fans

Air material separators and industrial fans are the key components of pneumatic conveyance systems, providing conveyance power on the front end of the scrap removal process and managing scrap on the back end before baling or compacting. Selecting the right sizes and types of air material separators and industrial fans is a critical decision and can impact both scrap conveyance system performance and day-to-day operations. Let the experts at AES help you choose the right equipment for your application and facility. We have decades of experience helping customers from a wide variety of industries better manage their scrap, trim, and manufacturing byproducts with our robust air conveyance systems.

Air Material Separators

AES provides a variety of air material separators to address a broad range of separation and sorting needs. Below are just a few types of material separators we can supply, install, and maintain, including our exclusive versatile AirShark™ rotary material separator.

  • Low-Profile Separators
  • Light Fraction Separators
  • Rotary Valve Separators

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans move the air that moves the material to make your manufacturing operations run smoothly. AES provides several styles of industrial fans that are built to high standards to provide years of trusted, trouble-free service.

  • Air Handling Fans
  • Blower Fans
  • Material Handling Fans
  • Venturi Fans
  • Paper Shredder Fans
  • Industrial Ventilation Fans