Heavy Mechanical

Today’s lean manufacturing environments can pose real challenges for plant maintenance. Overburdened staff, tight timelines, and an extensive project list can negatively impact a business’s ability to keep up with preventive maintenance and repairs. AES is your one-stop resource for industrial plant maintenance and repair services, as well as turnkey design, build, and installation services for capital improvement projects. Our team is equipped to tackle deferred maintenance projects, equipment repairs and rebuilds, and new construction initiatives.


Installation & Maintenance

AES offers installation and maintenance services for a variety of processes and systems, including process and power piping, pressure vessels and boilers, dust filters and dust collection systems, cyclone collectors and separators, material handling equipment, and recycling equipment and systems. We can also service machinery and process equipment and provide expert guidance for retrofits and rebuilds.


AES has been a trusted system integrator for industrial plants, leveraging a diverse skillset to provide reliable long-term solutions. Our capabilities include rigging and moving, installation and erection, welding and fabrication, millwright services, plant maintenance, industrial automation, commissioning and training, and plant decommissioning and moving.