Proper equipment is critical to the success of your recycling and scrap management program. Material type, size, grade, volume, and market value all come into play, which can make the baler selection process complicated. Choose the wrong baler, and your high-speed production machinery will quickly come to a standstill. When choosing the right baler is mission critical, it pays to get the right advice. That’s where AES can help.

AES enjoys OEM relationships with a variety of equipment manufacturers to ensure you get the best baling equipment for your application. We have hundreds of successful baler installations across North America, processing everything from paper trim, box and corrugated, plastics, aluminum and non-ferrous, textiles, and many other materials. With over thirty years’ experience in automated scrap collection and baling systems, you can count on AES to provide the right baler to meet your production needs and make your recycling program a success. Plus, we install and service everything we sell, offering preventive maintenance, emergency baler repairs, and fast service to minimize production downtime.

Vertical Balers

A vertical downstroke baler is a good solution for processing small volumes of recyclable materials, typically processing two bales or less per day. Materials are fed manually into the baling chamber prior to compaction. Vertical baling machines can compress corrugated and OCC, plastic wrap and bottles, textiles, and other bulky waste in a small footprint. Their compact size, versatility, and lower cost makes them perfect for many different applications, including big box and grocery stores, breweries and bottling plants, manufacturing facilities, department stores, thrift stores, and other retail applications. Work with AES to find the right vertical baler to boost your recycling program’s revenue and minimize your maintenance and operating costs.

Single Ram Closed Door Balers

Single ram closed door balers are designed to bale a wide variety of materials but are used most often for corrugated boxes and paper trim. They are ideal for many printing and paper converting or box-making applications, as well as distribution centers and document destruction facilities. You can optimize efficiency with automated feeding by conveyor, cart dumper, or air conveyance system. Single ram, closed door balers require manual tying of the bales.

Two Ram Auto Tie Balers

Two-ram balers are high-volume, multi-purpose recycling machines that produce high-density bales. Two-ram balers are used to process multiple types and grades of materials, such as paper, plastic, corrugated, aluminum cans and non-ferrous materials, and solid waste. They are ideal for material recovery centers or MRF’s, municipal or private recycling centers, and landfills. With many styles and feature options to consider, turn to the experts at AES to help you select a two-ram baler that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

Specialty & Custom-Built Balers

Not all balers are equipped to do the job you need done. That’s where specialty lines of balers and custom-built baler solutions can help. Specialty balers are available for a variety of applications and can process materials like storage drums, tires, clothing, and textiles. Some manufactured or waste products are hard to bale and may require specialty baling chamber liners or extra-heavy duty rams that deliver an added level of compacting power. Talk to AES about your unique application.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are designed for continuous use. They can be set up for manual or automatic feeding via a conveyance system to a baler feed chute. They offer significant labor savings over a vertical baler. A wider range of materials can be processed, including cardboard boxes and corrugated scrap, paper trim, plastic containers, aluminum cans and textiles. Single ram horizontal balers are built to handle high volumes of materials and come in both close door and open-ended styles. Some models are available with automatic wire tiers while others will only allow for manual tying of the finished bale, which is more labor intensive. With so many models and styles available, it is vital to select the right baler to match your material and production needs. AES provides expert guidance and advice to make sure you get the right baler for your application.

Single Ram Auto Tie Balers

Single ram auto-tie balers are best suited for baling high volumes of scrap corrugated and paper. Auto-tie balers can offer significant labor savings over manual tie machines. There are a wide variety of models available to process a diverse range of materials, including box and corrugated, paper trim, wastepaper, plastics, aluminum cans and other non-ferrous scrap metals. Single ram auto tie balers are used at recycling centers, printing plants, box manufacturing, document destruction facilities and distribution centers.

Briquetters & Cubers

Briquetting presses and cubers are machines that make processing finely textured materials more manageable. They help to densify materials like fine paper dust, sawdust and other particulate matter into bricks or cubes, which can then be further processed, pulped, or incinerated as refuse derived fuels (RDF). Briquetting systems can be integrated with a dust collector to manage the ‘fines’ from a hanging bag system. The cubes or ‘pucks’ can often be recycled or pulped to make new paper products. Briquetters are often used in high-security shredding applications for US Government documents, such as passports, securities, notes and bonds, and other highly sensitive information where the complete and total destruction of materials is mandated. The briquetter can be integrated into the automated security shredding process as the final step before incineration. Talk to AES about the benefits of briquetting fine particulate wastes and close the loop in your recycling program.