Scrap Collection
and Baling Systems

Box plants, packaging manufacturers, converters and printers all depend on fast, efficient removal of scrap paper and trim waste to keep production running smoothly. Proper equipment is critical to the success of your recycling and scrap management program. Material type, size, grade, volume and market value all come into play, which can make the equipment selection process complicated.

Commercial and industrial recycling balers reduce the size and volume of materials leading to a reduction in hauls. In most cases, this leads to significant savings in waste. The use of commercial recycling balers allows your company to reduce the amount of labor, time, and energy spent in the recycling process. Our experienced team will help you find a baler that’s right for your needs.

AES has helped hundreds of customers improve their production environment and boost their wastepaper revenues with our automated scrap and trim collection and baling systems. Grade segregation, bale integrity, and weight are significant factors in paper value. We can supply new or reconditioned balers and compactors, shredders, fans, and blowers to meet every need. Let AES show you how to get them most for your recovered fiber.

AES is a Proud Partner with:

Custom-Engineered Solutions

AES offers trim and dust handling components to include ducting and fittings, divert valves, trim separators, cyclones, and dust collectors, along with AES signature products like the AirShark™ rotary material separator. We can custom fabricate components for any application involving the capture, conveyance, and separation of any type of paper, film, fiber, or dust.

Baling System Solutions

Choose the wrong baler, and your high-speed production machinery will quickly come to a standstill. When choosing the right baler is mission critical, it pays to get the right advice. That’s where AES can help. AES enjoys OEM relationships with a variety of equipment manufacturers to ensure you get the best baling equipment for your application.

We have hundreds of successful baler installations across North America, processing paper trim, box and corrugated scrap, plastics, aluminum and non-ferrous, textiles, and many other materials. With more than 35 years of experience in automated scrap collection and baling systems, you can count on us to provide the right equipment to meet your production needs and make your recycling program a success. Plus, we install and service everything we sell, offering emergency baler repairs and fast service to minimize production downtime.

Energy Efficient by Design

Our byproduct handling systems are designed to consume less energy to help keep operating costs in check. We can evaluate your existing system to identify areas of waste and inefficiency for leaner, greener, more sustainable equipment and operations. Our exclusive trim handling and waste system audit can uncover new ways to reduce electricity usage and demand charges and save significant costs on labor and make-up air. Our fresh air intake systems can also significantly reduce heating and cooling costs while eliminating the negative pressure associated with traditional systems using conditioned air.


  • Vertical Balers
  • Horizontal Balers
  • Single Ram Manual & Auto-Tie Balers
  • Two-Ram Balers
  • Specialty & Custom-Built Balers
  • Dust Briquetters

Other Equipment

  • Compactors
  • Conveyors
  • Dust Collectors & Filters
  • Air Material Separators
  • Shredders & Hoggers
  • Industrial Fans
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Spark Detection & Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fresh Air Intake Systems
  • Recycling & Sorting Equipment