Equipment Repair
& Maintenance

Keep your scrap system - and your production lines - running smoothly with preventive maintenance and repair services from AES. Our field service team provides expert repairs and maintenance services for balers, shredders, fans, and most any make and model of recycling equipment. We specialize in dust collector maintenance and repair!


Equipment Serviced

Typical equipment service includes the following items, as applies:

  • Balers
  • Compactors
  • Conveyors
  • Cyclone Collectors
  • Dust Collectors and Filters
  • Material Handling Fans
  • Pneumatic Conveyance Systems
  • Rotary Air Locks and Separators
  • Shredders, Grinders and Hoggers

Dust Collector Services

Specialty services include:

  • Dust filter replacement bags
  • Filter bag change-outs /
    confined space work
  • Dust filter cleaning
  • Dust combustibility testing
  • Flame and Spark Detection and Extinguishing System installation, maintenance and repairs

Preventive Maintenance Service

Typical equipment service includes the following items, as applies:

  • Perform detailed inspection
  • Evaluate equipment performance
  • Inspect for worn and damaged parts
  • Examine hoses and fittings
  • Oil analysis with follow-up report
  • Double filtration of hydraulic fluid
  • Replace hydraulic filters and gaskets
  • Operational safety check
  • Make adjustments where required
  • Provide expert maintenance advice for your system
  • Prepare a follow-up service estimate to repair or replace worn items