All About the AES AirShark™ & Air Material Separators

AirShark - Rotary Air Material Separator

Air material separators, dust collectors, and industrial fans are critical components of any pneumatic conveyance system. Selecting these components in the appropriate size, type, and capacity is critical, or you could negatively impact day-to-day operations at your manufacturing, packaging, or recycling facility.

No matter your application, the experts at AES can help you choose the right components for your pneumatic conveyance system. If you’re looking for a highly versatile and robust material separator that’s capable of handling a large capacity, the AES AirShark™ may be the solution for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the AirShark™ to be sure.


What Is the AES AirShark™?

The AES AirShark™ is a robust, versatile rotary material separator with high air handling capacity and a compact footprint designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. An alternative to bulky traditional screen separators and cyclones, the AirShark™ is a simple and effective way to separate material waste and manufacturing byproducts from the airstream.


What Is an Air Material Separator?

An air separator is a piece of equipment used to convey dry materials and remove them from material streams. Air separators efficiently remove items that are costly and time consuming to remove manually. This includes items like paper, plastic, foil, film, dust, and others.


Why Is a Material Separator Important?

The material separation and waste preparation process looks different at every manufacturing, packaging, and recycling facility, but air conveyance systems are typically used to improve efficiency, reduce manual labor, and improve workplace safety, among other benefits.

How Does the AirShark™ Work?

The flexible tip, sealed rotor allows the user to position the fan either upstream or downstream from the separator. The separator eliminates down pressure at the material discharge chute, and the durable, fully sealed V-apex rotor design requires no adjustments for material type. The versatile AirShark™ operates under both positive and negative pressure, enabling the conveyance of material without any contact with the air handling fan.

Uses and Applications of Air Material Separators

The AirShark™ and similar air separators are appropriate for many different uses and applications, including:

  • Corrugated Box / Folding Carton:

    • Scrap removal systems
  • Commercial Printing and Packaging:

    • Paper trim and die-cutter scrap
  • Nonwovens:

    • Light fraction and films
  • Material Recycling Facility (MRF):

    • Plastic bag capture, light fractions, and film
  • Manufacturing:

    • Ingredient bag capture and packaging waste

Features and Benefits

The AirShark™ has a wide range of features and benefits that make this versatile rotary material separator a great fit for many different applications. Its innovative, fully sealed V-apex rotor design adds strength and durability to ensure a long service life. Its low profile design allows it to be installed above or below your roof, which can free up space within your facility for other necessary equipment. Several sizes and capacities are available, making it well-suited for facilities of all sizes. Used in combination with our Fresh Air Intake System, the AirShark can help eliminate negative pressure problems in your plant.

Where Can I Buy the AES AirShark™?

The AirShark™ is available exclusively at AES and is the only separator of its kind manufactured in the USA. For more information, download the AirShark™ sell sheet or contact us.

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