Scrap and Dust Collection System Upgrade

TAVO Packaging is a custom folding carton manufacturer located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. TAVO specializes in carton solutions for large-volume customers. With a focus on quick-serve restaurant, food service, refrigerated/frozen foods, and bakery products, TAVO serves some of the world’s most recognized brands.

The Challenges

While TAVO was known for its consistent reliability and responsiveness; renowned for its high-quality products; and sought after for its combination of capabilities and expertise, the facility required some upgrades so that the company could manage increased capacity and continue setting the industry standard.

Unsightly Cyclones on Roof

TAVO Packaging Cyclone
TAVO Cyclone Before

Outdated cyclones on the facility’s roof contributed to an unattractive appearance.

Undersized Scrap Collection System

With an undersized scrap collection system, production capabilities were limited to producing only two grades of scrap paper bales.

Negative Pressure Environment

Cyclones exhausting to air created a negative air pressure environment within the building, resulting in inefficient energy use.

Suboptimal Scrap System Location

With the baling room located in the center of the building, bales of scrap paper had to travel a longer distance than necessary to prepare for storage and transport.

AES Solutions

As part of a facility-wide expansion and manufacturing capacity upgrade, AES outfitted TAVO’s facility with a state-of-the-art scrap and dust handling system. With the addition of two new Bobst high-speed die cutters on the manufacturing floor, the AES scrap conveyance system enabled the company to keep up with the increased levels of scrap generated by machines.


With an upgraded scrap baling and dust collection system, TAVO Packaging increased product throughput, improved plant cleanliness and safety, and enhanced the exterior aesthetics of the facility.


Scope of Work

  • Improved System Location:
    To enable more efficient scrap handling,
    AES installed the new system adjacent
    to the facility’s loading docks.
  • Negative Pressure Issues Eliminated:
    A new dust collector eliminated negative
    air pressure within the plant and improved
    plant cleanliness.
  • New Baling Room:
    Bale transport was streamlined thanks
    to a new baling room conveniently located
    next to the existing loading docks.
  • AES AirShark™ Separators Installed Under Roof:
    Scrap conveyance volume and efficiency
    increased and aesthetics improved,
    thanks to the small footprint and high
    air handling capacity of the AirShark™