Choosing the Best Shredder for Recycling

Rotary grinders, pierce-and-tear style, hammer mills, pulverizers: With so many types of shredders on the market, how do you decide which one is right for your recycling operation? Jeff Dietterich, president of AES, was interviewed for this informative article published in the August edition of Recycling Today magazine.  A frequent contributor to recycling and materials … Continued

Take a Close Look: Advice for Buying Used Secure Destruction Equipment

By Jeff Dietterich President of Advanced Equipment Sales As published in the Summer edition of SDB Magazine, August, 2015 Consolidation in the secure shredding industry has put a number of surplus shredders and complete shredding systems on the secondary equipment market. The availability of used equipment provides an attractive alternative to new equipment for … Continued

Mobile Shredding: Five FAQ’s for a Successful Baling Operation

As mobile shredding companies grow their business they often think about adding baling to their operations, and for good reason. Baling can be a vital part of your business strategy and allows you to gain control of a valuable by-product of your operations, the shredded paper. Following are five frequently asked questions, or FAQ’s, that … Continued

Air Separation and Pneumatic Conveyance Systems: Not Just Hot Air

Air Separation and Pneumatic Conveyance systems are finding a home in material recovery facilities. By Jeff Dietterich As published in Recycling Today magazine, April 2014 Material recovery facilities (MRFs) use automated equipment for much of their sorting and separating processes but have traditionally relied on a good deal of hand separation to achieve the highest … Continued

Baling Equipment Installation Made Simple with AES

The AES leadership team, Jeff Dietterich (President & CEO) alongside Jeffrey Burnley (VP Operations), provide their thoughts and industry expertise on Baling Equipment Installation for Recycling Today magazine! By Jeff Dietterich and Jeffrey Burnley As published in the February 2013 issue of Recycling Today So, you’ve made a purchase decision for a new baler, but … Continued

Fire Suppression and Dust Control: Preventing One by Controlling the Other

Jeff Dietterich, President & CEO of Advanced Equipment Sales (AES) discusses Fire and Dust and the importance of mitigating risk with NAID News. by Jeff Dietterich As published in NAID News December 2010 The act of shredding paper produces dust – lots of dust. It’s the nature of the business. Anyone who’s ever seen a … Continued

Baling Equipment for Shredding Companies: Know your Options

When shopping for a baler, shredding companies have many factors to consider By Jeff Dietterich As published in Storage and Destruction Business, December 2009 The baling of shredded documents is an important aspect of most secure destruction businesses. It provides a means for effective materials management, revenue generation and increased information security. The revenue generated … Continued