Colleges, Universities & other Institutions

While thousands of institutions of higher education are currently engaged in a variety of green initiatives, many campus programs lack the coordination and comprehensive focus required to make their programs financially self-sustainable. By focusing on discrete waste and recyclable materials streams, AES can customize equipment solutions that allow our clients to showcase their commitment to sustainability while increasing their recycling revenues. We specialize in helping our clients with creative, sustainable solutions for solid waste and recycling.

Our programs are designed to help your institution meet these specific goals:

  • Increase overall recycling rates
  • Reduce landfill tipping fees
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Support your environmental mission
  • Earn revenue through the sale of recycled materials

College Sustainability  Recycling for Sustainability  University Sustainability

Hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions can also benefit from these programs. Talk to the experts at AES for custom solid waste reduction and management solutions that can help you recycle sustainably and profitably.