Manufacturers and Processors

Heavy industrial manufacturers often require automatic removal and handling of by-product generated in the manufacturing process. At AES, we understand manufacturing processes and what it takes to design and build a truly integrated system that works in sync with your production equipment. Turn to the experts at AES for reliable and effective systems that support your process and make it cleaner, greener and more profitable.

We provide a wide variety of equipment and systems for heavy industry, including:

  • Balers and Compactors
  • Air Separators and Classifiers
  • Metals Recycling Equipment
  • Pneumatic Conveyance Systems
  • Dewatering Presses and Systems
  • Pelletizers and other Plastics Recycling Equipment
  • Shredders, Grinders and Pulverizers
  • Dust Filters and Dust Control Systems
  • Flame and Spark/Fire Suppression Systems
  • Conveyors/Mechanical Conveyance Systems

AES Manufacturers and Processors   AES Manufacturers and Processors    AES Manufacturers and Processors

Have a unique process or by-product? AES specializes in custom equipment for one-of-a-kind applications. We have designed specialty equipment for a variety of proprietary processes for industries as diverse as agriculture, biotechnology and renewable energy. Contact us today for more information.