Document Destruction Systems

AES provides innovative, economical solutions for both mobile and plant-based secure destruction companies.

Mobile Truck Unloading and Baling Systems

Your trucks are your most important – and expensive – business component. Add in fuel, insurance and labor costs, plus the competitor down the street, and margins can get pretty slim. The AES Shredding Truck Unloading and Baling System can help you win at the profit margins game by adding automation and efficiency to your processes and value to your shredded paper. See how we’ve helped hundreds of companies:

  • Service more clients with their existing fleet
  • Increase their paper revenues
  • Grow their business without adding another truck to their fleet
  • Easily add-on plant-based shredding capability
  • Avoid additional shredding truck purchases


Document Destruction Systems by AES    Document Destruction Systems by AES

The AES Shredding Truck Unloading and Baling System works with any style truck and any building configuration. No pit? No problem! Our exclusive ‘Pit-less’ Conveyor eliminates the need for costly concrete work and building alterations. Paper and dust is contained in our custom Dust Enclosure, complete with a ventilation fan and dust filter, and an Auto-tie Baler makes for easy processing of mill-ready bales. Our modular design allows for easy expansion as your business grows. New and used equipment is available.

Is baling the right financial move for your company? Call us for your personalized Pro Forma Financial Analysis Tool and run the numbers for yourself. It’s fast, easy and free. Contact Jeff Dietterich for your copy.

Did you know that AES offers Shredding Truck Repair and Maintenance services? We’ll help you get back on the road fast. Please visit our Technical Services page for more information.

Plant-Based Document Destruction Systems

Whether you’re building from scratch or looking to improve your current process, turn to the experts at AES for the best equipment and systems for Plant-based Document Destruction. We offer a full range of turnkey, specialty services for off-site shredding and materials processing, including:

  • Facility selection and plant layout
  • System design
  • Equipment selection
  • Expert project management
  • Installation, start-up and training
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Parts and Baling Wire
  • Materials brokering services


AES Equipment   AES Equipment

AES offers a full line of size reduction, destruction and material handling equipment to meet every security standard. We represent many quality manufacturers, so you get the right equipment for the job.

  • Balers: Horizontal Auto-tie and Manual tie, 2-Ram, and Vertical
  • Shredders and Grinders: Cross Cut, Strip Cut, Grinders, Pelletizers, Pulverizers and Pulpers
  • Conveyors: Slider Bed, Continuous Belt, Sorting, and the AES ‘Pit-less’ Conveyor
  • Dust Control: Dust Enclosures, Dust Filters and Collection Units
  • Cart Tippers, Floor Scales and Accessories


Protect your privacy with AES document destruction solutions

AES Document Destruction Systems  Document Destruction Systems