Conveyors and Conveyance Systems

Conveyors are a key component in any automated material handling system. Mechanical conveyors employ a variety of belt styles or augers to transport solid materials or products from a point of generation to a point of collection or shipment. Pneumatic conveyors or air/material separators are typically used to move lightweight materials in a stream of fast-moving air. AES designs both mechanical and pneumatic conveyance systems to move whatever needs to be moved.

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Mechanical Conveyors

AES offers a broad range of mechanical conveyor types and belt styles, including slider bed, chain belt, drag chain and augers for a host of applications including:

  • Slider Bed
  • Chain Belt
  • Drag Chain
  • Auger-Style
  • Metering
  • Sorting
  • Magnetic
  • Screening
  • Transfer
  • Product Handling


Pneumatic Conveyance Systems

Pneumatic conveyance or air- material separation systems use high-velocity air to transport materials from process to process within a system. Specialized fans and blowers create the airflow needed to move the materials through enclosed metal ducting, often terminating in an air separator. These systems are also used to sort and separate different materials from one another based on relative size or density. Common applications include:

  • Non-woven and films
  • Grains and Foodstuffs
  • Pharmaceuticals and Powders


AES Specialty Conveyors

The AES ‘Pit-Less’ Conveyor was developed for Secure Destruction industry to facilitate the easy unloading of paper from mobile shredding trucks. Unlike the typical configuration, our design eliminates the need for a concrete pit in which to dump the payload, saving thousands of dollars in building alteration costs. The AES ‘Pit-less Conveyor’ is ideal when used as part of our Truck Unloading and Baling System. Please visit our Secure Destruction page for more information.

Custom Conveyors

Do you have a unique material or challenging process that’s not suited for traditional conveyance methods? AES designs custom conveyors for specialty applications. We offer innovative ideas and economical solutions for your material handling challenges. Contact an AES Sales Engineer to discuss your project.