Why Your Dust Collector Needs a Spark Detection System Now

Dust collectors are perhaps one of the more underappreciated pieces of equipment supporting the safe operation of modern manufacturing facilities. They remove hazardous contaminants and pollutants that affect indoor and outdoor air quality, provide clean and safe working environments, and mitigate fire and explosion hazards. But there is a serious danger in using these revolutionary … Continued

Why an Industrial Dust Collector Is Vital for Your Facility

For businesses that manufacture or convert paper, or work with grains, powders, or agricultural and food products, combustible dusts are nothing to sneeze at. Dust can be one of the biggest health, safety, and productivity risks for companies across a wide variety of industries. Manufacturers in industries such as corrugated box and folding carton, printing … Continued

All About the AES AirShark™ & Air Material Separators

Air material separators, dust collectors, and industrial fans are critical components of any pneumatic conveyance system. Selecting these components in the appropriate size, type, and capacity is critical, or you could negatively impact day-to-day operations at your manufacturing, packaging, or recycling facility. No matter your application, the experts at AES can help you choose the … Continued

Understanding Fresh Air Intake Systems

Successful production management can be challenging to navigate as a modern manufacturer, particularly as energy costs escalate, environmental concerns among the public rise, and dwindling natural resources add to anxieties in the industry. Plant managers and other executives are always searching for new methods of achieving their productivity and profitability objectives while prioritizing sustainability, but … Continued